Wheat Classes and Where They Come From

Six classes of wheat are produced in the United States, each with a different end use once milled into flour. Take a closer look at the six classes of wheat and the food products made from them, from the Wheat Foods Council.

For more information about planting and harvesting schedules, wheat varieties and grade requirements, read U.S. Wheat’s brochure, The World’s Most Reliable Choice

Planting, tending and harvesting wheat are fascinating and often complicated processes. Watch the videos below to learn more about how we grow wheat.

How Wheat Grows

Watch this short video with Minnesota wheat producer Erik Younggren talking about the stages of wheat production (filmed at the 2010 Urban Wheat Field)


For the past 10 years High Plains Journal’s All Aboard Wheat Harvest has told the story of harvest in America’s breadbasket through the eyes and ears of families devoted to cutting grain through the heartland. Correspondents have penned 1,293 blog posts of people they come into contact with across nine states while capturing the pictures of a record harvest, a beautiful sunset, a lightning storm to provide backlit fireworks for a newborn fawn leaping to find it’s mother.

Enjoy the Combine Cam, while the Z Crew is harvesting. The camera is mounted in the Zeorian combine and is live whenever the Z Crew is harvesting.